Welcome to Betuws War Museum “The Island”

1944 – 1945

The smallest War Museum in The Netherlands

But perhaps the most personal

Dear museum visitors, you can visit the museum again from 17 June.

There are some Corona Rules:
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– Fixed walking route.
– Keep 1,5 meters away.
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September 1944 – 2020

76 year Operation Market – Garden
80 year May 1940
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The Island 18 September 1944 until 5 may 1945

In this area between Arnhem and Nijmegen was hard fought by Allies and Germans.
Total 16 different nationalities where fighting. In this area are 132 aircraft crashed. Trough all the war 60.000 citizens had to be evacuated. This area between the rivers Rhine an Waal, till the line Opheusden – Dodewaard was given the name “The Island’’ by the Allies in September 1944.

In the Betuws War museum “The Island’’ is a complete overview of this heart rending history. The museum was opened in April 1999.
A lot of objects are donated in 45 years by veterans and people living across the Island .
To see are five diorama’s in which all 16 different nationalities are processed. Weapons, photography and many personal objects are make it complete. Almost every object in the museum has its own story.
There is a guide for you to give a guided tour.
As an extra supplement to the Island history there is also a diorama of the Dutch army in May 1940. (Betuwelinie) Regularly changing exhibitions are there in the museum.